A small Angular based Hybrid app for JCE students
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Moblie Version

------- > **Note**: This app Is **Not** working at the moment. JCE has Stopped supporting the API that we used in this app.

This app was created in a few days while trying to learn AngularJS and Hybrid development technology.

This app was inspired by the JCE Manager Project written by me and Liran Ben-Gida.

The JCE Official Mobile app was bad in my opinion so I wanted to do it right.

At the moment the app is still in Develop mode, If you would like to try it you can build it yourself or e-mail me to get in the testers group.

What you will need to start Coding & Building

##After you have got NodeJS open up a terminal:

$ npm install -g cordova ionic

You night need superuser privileges . use "sudo"
Note: this step you will only need to do once

now go to your Working directory and clone the Repo by:

$ git clone https://github.com/sagidayan/JCE-Mobile-App.git

this will create a new directory and copy all the files in the project.

Run In Browser

to run the app in your browser type:

../JCE-Mobile-App/$ ionic serve

Build for mobile

You will need Android SDK or Mac+x-code for the platform of your choice.

for android:

../JCE-Mobile-App/$ ionic platform add android
../JCE-Mobile-App/$ ionic build android

the same goes to iOS...

Where is the code?

If you would like to change / modify the code. make sure you play in the www folder. that is where all the HTML and Javascript files are.