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ESPHome Electra AC IR remote control component

This implementation of the ESPHome component to control HVAC with IR channel.

Base implementation of the protocol can be found here: https://github.com/crankyoldgit/IRremoteESP8266

This repo was originally forked from https://github.com/rozh1/esphome-haier-ac-ir

Supported AC

  • Brand: AUX, Model: KFR-35GW/BpNFW=3 A/C
  • Brand: AUX, Model: YKR-T/011 remote
  • Brand: Electra, Model: Classic INV 17 / AXW12DCS A/C
  • Brand: Electra, Model: YKR-M/003E remote
  • Brand: Frigidaire, Model: FGPC102AB1 A/C
  • Brand: Subtropic, Model: SUB-07HN1_18Y A/C
  • Brand: Subtropic, Model: YKR-H/102E remote
  • Brand: Centek, Model: SCT-65Q09 A/C
  • Brand: Centek, Model: YKR-P/002E remote
  • Brand: AEG, Model: Chillflex Pro AXP26U338CW A/C
  • Brand: Electrolux, Model: YKR-H/531E A/C
  • Brand: Delonghi, Modell: PAC EM90

How to use

  1. Add sensor configuration. It can be a connected temperature sensor or home assistant provided sensor. For example:
  # External temperature sensor from Home Assistant 
  - platform: homeassistant
    id: current_temperature
    entity_id: ${temperature_sensor}
  1. Add climate component, set platform as electra_ac, set sensor_id and pin number for IR LED.
  - platform: electra_ac
    sensor_id: current_temperature # Sensor ID with the current temperature
    pin: 3 # Pin with IR led
    name: "Electra A/C"