A workaround to control brcmfmac kernel module for the misbehaving BCM43602 network card. Mirrored from https://github.com/GiovanniGrieco/bcm43602-linux-workaround
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Broadcom BCM43602 workaround

This is a quick and dirty trick to take control of this misbehaving network card.

Scripts are tested on Fedora 29. If you have any problems, please file an issue here on GitHub.

Note that I did not want to package this workaround because it's, well, dirty. It does not fix the problem, just makes things bearable.


# ./install.sh

Remember to blacklist the kernel module at system startup. Appending modprobe.blacklist=brcmfmac in GRUB config is sufficient.

Control the service

# systemctl start broadcom
# systemctl stop broadcom
# systemctl restart broadcom


# systemctl stop broadcom
# systemctl disable broadcom
# rm /usr/local/bin/broadcomctl
# rm /etc/systemd/system/broadcom.service